The fifth estate is a great film !! I don’t understand why people compare it with the Facebook film because it aren’t the same goals !!!
Anyway beautiful movie, everybody in this movie playing very well !!!! And a huge acclamation to the coustumes supervisor and the team of script because many details are real when you watch some interview or conferences of Julian & Daniel !!!
and I thought Benedict and Daniel were able to immerse themselves in the characters !!!! It’s amazing !!! watch a conference of them (the reals Julian and Daniel) in youtube and the voice, body movements are nearly perfect !! <3

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    Or we could talk about the fact that Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg are real people, not characters. And that...
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    Awwe yay!! Always nice to hear how awesome The Fifth Estate is— I’m very curious to see real footage (I have seen some...
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